Ireland’s Education Shame

When the situation in Ireland is not bad enough our current Mininster for Education is proposing drastic cuts across every area from the educational system. The lately release OECD report


Ireland spends less on education, spending only 4.7% of it’s GDP in educaiton, comparied to typically 5.7% across 30 OECD countries.

At second level just one country within the EU, the Slovak Republic, invested a lesser proportion of their GDP on students in school.

Irish primary schools possess the second largest class size than the rest of the EU countries surveyed. You will find 4 more pupils in Irish classes compared to other EU countries.

Only Britain has bigger class sizes within the entire EU.

Only Britain, Japan, Korea an dturkey have bigger classes than Ireland.

Although these statistics are harsh the problem the truth is is a lot worse because statistics are collected in the Department of your practice and Science skews its statitics on class size.

And situations are going to worsen: class dimensions are set to improve the coming year. Possibly 2000 teachers will forfeit their jobs because of budget cuts.

In special education everything is dire. Cuts are suggested in Language Support teachers, the closing of special education classes (without any extra supports provided within the mainstream), reducing the amount of Special Needs Assistants and increases at school size at both secondary and primary level. These changes have a negative effect on the lives of numerous children. Let us give one obvious example:

Kids with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome who’re departing primary school and entering school have considerable difficulty locating a school which will accept them. Enrollment policies at second level are stacked against people around the autistic spectrum. Everything is a whole lot worse with regards to individuals couple of secondary schools which have dedicated autism units since the entry rules most frequently condition they’re not going to pay a student with considerably substandard intelligence. So frequently there’s simple no where of these children to become educated. Consequently they suffer, their own families suffer and eventually society suffers.